Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Anniversary

So Sunday, July 10th, was our first anniversary. Let me just say, I am so glad to finally have the space back in the freezer that the cake had been taking up! For our anniversary we decided to go back to the beach that we had met at. This would be my fourth time at this beach but it was pretty different this time. We had only been sitting on the beach for a few minutes when all of a sudden I saw a dorsal fin pop up out of the water. Of course, Soren missed it and I felt like maybe I was mistaken. After a while I saw another fin in one spot and another farther to the left. Eventually we realized that there was a pod of probably no more that 5 or 6 dolphins swimming just off-shore. They were even playing in the swells as they were forming. I had never seen dolphins, except at Sea World, and this just made my day. They just kept swimming back and forth along the less crowded portion of the beach. It was pretty neat. Of course, when things like this happen, I get caught up in the moment and forget that I have a camera with me. I was only able to get a few not-so-great pictures. They really were just off-shore! Then after the excitement with the dolphins, I turned around to find a small group of seagulls trying to make off with an entire bag of Cheetos from the people next to us. The bag was closed and was still inside of a plastic shopping bag. None of this deterred them and they were able to get the bag about five or six feet away from the rest of the food before anyone noticed. We ended ip leaving earlier that we had planned to because we were not able to secure a fire ring to make dinner, but it was an exciting day at the beach anyway!

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