Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We're back!

That's right! You couldn't get rid of us forever!

It's definitely been an interesting year. We had our share of struggles but it was an experience that I would not trade for anything. I learned a lot about myself, both good and bad. I know that I have changed things about myself and the way that I live.

I hope that I can keep up some of the good habits that I've made. Both Soren and I lost a bunch of weight while in Korea and I would love it if I can continue to make that progress. I want to continue to make food for us that is healthy. I want my kids to grow up without the self esteem issues that I had because of my weight.

I also became more comfortable with how I parent. It's amazing what not understanding the ridicule of others will do to your self esteem. If you can't understand someone it is SO much easier just to ignore them. I hope that I can continue to gain confidence in my abilities as a mother. I know that I am far from perfect and I don't hope to attain that. I just want to become better.

It was hard to leave last week. Even though I don't speak Korean, I had friends. Leaving behind the people that had meant so much to me for the last 7 months was very challenging and sad. I definitely cried as I bore my testimony on our last day at our Sokcho branch. I will miss them so much and I wish that I had a way to stay in contact with them.

I am not sad to be leaving behind the challenges that working for someone you can't talk to presents. One of the main reasons that we left is that we got tired of employers not keeping true to the signed contracts. We decided that we could not risk having to deal with the challenge that that presents for a third time. We were tired of people "not understanding" us for the sake of making things easier for themselves at the cost of our well-being.

It is too bad however that we didn't get to experience more of Korea while we were there. We had some ideas for trips this summer. I guess they won't be happening now!

On the other had we are both SO glad to be back in Ca! I have missed everyone so much. I missed talking to people and being involved in their lives and having them involved in ours. While we were gone I missed my sister's wedding and baby shower, my grandmother's wedding, my MIL's funeral, the selling of my parent's house, as well as numerous birthday's and family crisis.  It also saddened me that our family had to miss our on things like Hyrum's first birthday and Desmond's birth. I am so happy that our children will get to know all of their wonderful family. Besides, Hyrum needs to know that his Grandma does in fact exist outside of the computer screen! :D

For now, we are not sure where we will end up. We will work that out as opportunities present themselves. Hopefully, we can be of some use here in Tehachapi.

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