Saturday, October 19, 2013


So since we came back from Korea we have been living in Tehachapi, the place where Soren grew up. It's been stressful as we've looked for a new job but it has been nice to be close to family again. After three months and more than 100 applications Soren has finally landed another job. It just so happens that it is here in Tehachapi. 

It's kind of entertaining. He applied to places all over the state and he even interviewed as far north as Fairfield but he ended up with a job here. Even though things are still stressful at times, it really is a blessing to not have to worry about moving our things and finding housing quickly. It has made for a less stressful transition. 

It reminds me that we are put in the places that we are for reasons that we don't always see. Heavenly Father knows what we need and gives it to us without our realizing it. He answered our prayers for a new job and gave us more relief than we knew we would end up needing. It is so good to know that there is someone out there looking out for our family!

We will miss all of our friends in Victorville and in Korea but we are ready for many new (and old) friends and adventures in our new (or old) home!