Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Unknown...Food, That Is.

Last night we went out to eat by ourselves for the first time since arriving here. It was an adventure (As if this whole trip isn't an adventure). We already knew that our only chances of understanding what we were ordering was to find a place with English on the menu or, less ideally, a menu with pictures. The times that one or both of us have gone to eat out with people from Soren's work, the menus have had English on them. We had no such luck last night.

After wandering around for 30 or so minutes, we finally found a couple places with pictures on the menus. Not knowing which was better we just chose one. We took off our shoes and sat at a table while the waiter pointed to the wall and said "menu." I can only imagine how I looked as I wandered up to the wall stared at the menu, looked around the room, and went back to stare at the menu. The pictures didn't really help. In the end, I just chose something that looked like it wouldn't eat me before I could eat it and went back to my mat. 

In the end, the food was delicious! Both Soren and I were thoroughly impressed with how good the food was and how well we survived our first restaurant alone. It was a little more than we expected, about the price of dinner for two at Denny's, but it was well worth the price. We've added it to our list of places to visit again!

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