Monday, July 23, 2012

Where's the trash can!

Most of the cultural differences that we have run into so far in Korea are not too tough for us as far as feeling normal while doing them. For instance bowing instead of shaking hands. One, though, has been particularly challenging for us. It involves our trash.

In the U.S., when you take out your trash, you put it in either a trash can or a dumpster. Not so in Korea. Everyone, households and businesses alike, put their trash on the street. Anytime. Just put it out there. You can buy the "approved bags" or not (the people in our neighborhood don't for the most part). It is so hard to get used to. I guess they come buy everyday/night and pick up all of the trash.

It's a small thing but to us it just seems weird.

The closest neighborhood appointed trash spot.

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  1. Same thing in Vegas! When we moved here, I noticed that people just put their trash bags on the curb outside their house. And I was like...uh....where are the trash cans?! You just dump your bag onto the street?

    There are a few houses that use trash cans, but a majority of the residents (myself included) just put the trash bags on the curb. Weird.

    Glad you're all adjusting. I love hearing about your adventures--keep posting about them! xoxo