Friday, July 20, 2012

We made it!

To begin, I apologize for the length of this post. I just know that there will be a ton of questions about life here. Let me know if you have any more!!

After what seemed like an eternity on a plane with a baby, we finally made it to Korea. Boy has it been crazy. Truth be told, Hyrum actually did pretty well on the flight. We only got a total of 3 dirty looks, two from the same person, in a total of 13 hours on planes. Well, as far as we saw. ;) I am pretty proud of how well he did. He was so exhausted though by the time that we arrived at the apartment. We had tried to keep him up except for a naps on the plane so that he would sleep once we landed. It worked though we still ended up awake by 2 am. He has slowly adjusted to the new time zone though.

I never thought that I would say this, but I miss the weather in the desert. Yeah, I know, it's 107 degrees outside there and you are all shaking your heads at me. I think I hear someone saying "It's only in the 80's there." and while that's true, this humidity is killing me. Also I think that I have yet to see one Korean sweat. After walking from the subway to Soren's work, I look like I just walked out of a shower. If I look over at one of his coworkers they look like it's a pleasant day at the park! It actually makes me pretty jealous. Also the humidity and heat does nothing to mess up their hair! What woman would not be jealous of that! 

Our washing room
You can definitely tell that it is the monsoon season here. Since arriving last Friday it has rained a little everyday except Saturday, Monday and today (Friday). It never rains all day, except last Sunday, and is usually in the morning or late evening. Also since we don't have a dryer, this makes it exceedingly difficult to dry our clothes!

The front of our building
One of the biggest changes for us, besides moving to a foreign country where we don't speak or read the language, is the massive downsizing. We moved into a one bedroom apartment. It is actually pretty nice and bigger than we thought it would be (we were not very optimistic). The building was just built and is still pretty empty.

Our bedroom
Our bathroom. Yes, that is the shower above the sink.
More of our bedroom (As you can tell, it's not very big.)
We have to use the top of the fridge for storage.
We are lucky about at least one thing in our apartment and that is our air conditioning. As I have looked at the other buildings around us, I haven't noticed a single air conditioning unit. We are so  blessed to have one. I don't think that I would be able to survive the humidity without it.
This is our new kitchen table.

Well, that's it for now I guess. We hope that every one is well! More posts to follow!


  1. Very cool Alisa I'm happy you are adapting well Looks like a good adventure. Let me know if you need a taste of home some time I've gotten really good at care packages....

    1. That would be amazing! I am still trying to figure out my address here. It appears that addresses are pretty wacky here. :D

  2. I am so glad you are blogging about your adventure! I have been wondering how things are going and am glad to see you are doing so well! One question though.... how in the world does that shower work???

    1. You can't really see it from the picture but there is a small knob on the faucet, like what you might use to close the plug in the sink. You just turn on the water as if to wash your hands and then pull the knob and , voila!, the shower comes on. To turn it off you just turn off the water. You have to remember to push the knob back down though or you will get a surprise the next time you wash your hands after using the toilet!